Sabudana Kheer | Sago or Tapioca Sweet Pudding

Ingredients -

Sago pearls or tapioca pearls or sabudana - ¾ cup
Milk - 1 litre 
Sugar or sweetened condensed milk (on without fasting or vrat) - ¾ cup or to taste
Dry Fruits -
Almonds - ¼ cup
Pistachio or pista - ¼ cup
Cashew nuts or kaju - ¼ cup
Raisins or kishmish - ¼ cup
Lotus seeds or makhana - ¼ cup
Ghee or clarified butter - ¼ cup
Green cardamom powder or choti elaichi Powder - ½ tsp
Kesar or saffron - ¼ tsp

Preparation -

1. Wash the sabudana or sago pearls 2 times well, remove or strain all the excess water and pour clean and fresh water upto the sabudana or sago pearls and soak it for 1 hr and 15mins.

2. Soak saffron strands or kesar in a hot milk for 30-40 minutes.

3. Roast all the dry fruits one by one or separately in ghee or clarified butter on low-medium flame. Chop all the dry fruits except raisins or kishmish.

4. Add 1-2 tsp of ghee or clarified butter in a container before boiling milk. Boil 1 litre milk on medium flame. After a boil, turn it to low flame. Simmer the milk until the milk reduced to ¾ quantity. Stir in between to avoid burnt milk and scratch the cream on the sides of the container.

5. Add ¾ cup soaked sabudana or sago pearls. Mix well. Cook for 10 minutes on low-medium flame. Stir continuously and also scratch all the cream on the sides.

6. Add sugar or sweetened condensed milk; roasted dry fruits; soaked saffron strands with milk, cardamom powder and give it a nice mix. Cook for 5-6 minutes on low flame.

Garnish with some roasted dry fruits and saffron strands. Serve this delicious, delighted sabudana kheer or tapioca kheer or sago pearls kheer|sweet pudding |tasty-tempting delicacy anytime after meals, on festivals, on occassions, on rituals and on fast or on vrat with this easy and quick recipe!